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Quality, Reliable Power Supply to Moving and Stationary Equipment. Complete systems can be shipped out quickly, from stock to meet your delivery requirements. Custom-made systems to your drawings can also be shipped with short lead times.

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Tri-Bar Four-Bar Conductor Tri-Bar / Four-Bar
Tri-Bar/Four-Bar continuous electrical conductor bar systems have been a long-time favorite among our customers. The joint-free construction, easy installation and maintenance and custom fabrications make the Tri-Bar/Four-Bar the sensible choice in electric trolley bar systems.

Tri-Bar/Four-Bar solid copper conductors come in 100 and 125 amps with collectors in 35, 70, and 125 amps; and power pickups in 15, 30, 40 and 50 amps.

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Span-Guard Conductor Bar Span-Guard
Span-Guard was the first continuous, joint-free electric conductor bar introduced. Today it remains one of the most trusted and reliable mobile power conductor systems on the market. Superior design means fewer parts to repair or replace. The solid copper conductors come in 250 and 520 amp sizes and the spring loaded collectors come in 100, 200, 300 and 400 amp sizes.
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Power Glide Conductor Bar PowerGlide
PowerGlide is a patented trolley system with retractable wheels that allows you to insert or remove the trolley anywhere along the conductor run! No more trap doors at the end of the electrical conductor run, or bending the bottom of the box track and forcing the trolley out. PowerGlide solves the problem and allows for easy shoe maintenance.

PowerGlide comes with 3 or 4 electrical conductors preassembled in a one-piece PVC insulator which means no joints to cause arcing and damage to the electrical conductors.

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Tight Wire Conductor Bar TightWire
Tightwire is a continuous joint-free electrical conductor system that comes supplied in a portable roll. Tightwire uses a single piece insulator containing three or four solid copper conductors. Tightwire is compact and light weight which makes it fast and easy to install. Spring tension is applied from the end assemblies which keeps the system strong and straight and only requires 10 feet spacing between hangers. Fewer supports translate into quicker installation time.

Tightwire comes with 3 or 4 electrical conductors preassembled in a one-piece PVC insulator which means no joints to cause arcing and damage. 50 amp size for most hoists, monorails and small cranes and 90 amp size for most crane needs.

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Safpowerbar Conductor Bar Safpowerbar
Safpowrbar conductor systems provide safer electrification through double insulation and careful design standards...
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